Lady @TheoloGOP
Austin TX

Bio: #TLOHSCLOB29™ (D-TX). Verily I say unto you: The GOP is not a legit political party. It's just an overfunded hate cult. Resist with me, indivisibly.

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1 thought on “About

  1. Hi TheoloGOP (Jaime ?),
    I heard you on the majority report with Sam Seder (Michael) today.

    I hope you are having a fantastic week!  I love your blog, it has a great name.  I just started a podcast called Psychological Warfare and am recording the first episodes of a new podcast called Psychological Warfare. It is a podcast about exploring life whether that be politics, business, technology, and health.

    I would love to interview you on exploring southern evangelicals, growing up, how we can understand them and why it is like a cult.

    I am glad ObamaCare saved you 🙂

    We can talk over Skype or in person since I live in Austin as well.  I am available anytime.. Let me know if you want to chat.  I can promote your blog and we can have an awesome time.

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