My Endorsement for District 47 Representative to The Texas Legislature

Go, Sheri, Go!



Sheri Soltes was a civil trial attorney for eight years before founding Service Dogs, 1988, a successful non-profit business that trains service dogs to assist people living with deafness or mobility-related disabilities. She has mentored assistance dog programs around the world, has been a featured speaker at many conferences and institutes in the US, Chile and Spain, and created the Mighty Texas Dog Walk as a fundraiser for her company. Ms. Soltes has also helped create the Austin Police Dept’s search and rescue dog program. She is a graduate of UT School of Law.

Paul Workman just doesn’t work, man.
This is Austin we’re talking about.
Paul Workman is to Austin as Donald Trump is to New York City.
#Indivisible #Resist #TheResistance



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